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cheerful, common sound of pans and pots rattling, to the clack
of Mr. Christian's boot heels on the doorsill and to his
amiable, demanding bellow, "Hey, Sukie, where are you?"
and to Benton Todd.

Benton Todd was in love with her, very obviously, Mr.
Munn could see. Mr. Christian, that day when he had come
to the Munn place with Doctor MacDonald, had said he
couldn't stand to hang around and watch Benton Todd's calf
eyes. He had said it made him want to puke, Benton Todd,
when he came to the Christian place, would follow Lucille
Christian around the house while she was occupied, or pre-
tended to be occupied, with her tasks. She would go out to
see that the evening's milk was properly put away, or that a
basket of eggs was ready to be carried in to town early the
next morning, or to help with cooking the supper. "You
can come on/1 she would say to Benton Todd, " if you want
to," and he would follow her. She would give him things to
hold, pans or baskets or dish towels, thrusting them suddenly
at him and saying cheerfully, " Here, Bent, just hold this a
minute, will you, please?" Then, as likely as not, she would
go off and leave him standing with the basket of eggs or the
damp towel; or he might follow her about, still faithfully
carrying the object.

If he could not be with Lucille Christian he would seek out
Mr. Munn and ask him question after question. He would
want to know what Mr. Munn thought about some case he
remembered from his law reading at school, or about some
detail of the management of the Tobacco Association, or about
some matter of politics, the chances of Senator Tolliver's

" If he's elected," Mr. Christian had once said, overhearing
Benton Todd's question to Mr. Munn, and raising his head
from his newspaper, " if he's elected, by God, he'll never sit in

the Senate. I'll twist his durn head off his neck-----" And

there had been the ripping sound of the newspaper being
pulled apart in his hands. Then he had added, " With my
own hands."